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your on–time, client–focused renovation & services provider in the Field Services industry. Property Preservation is our Middle Name. Contact our Inspectors now ... and let's start at the beginning.

OneStop Field Services
Property Preservation Specialists

Here's the deal. You're a Realtor, Broker, or Banker looking for a variety of property preservation, maintenance and remodeling services — all of your integrated Real Estate Services in one place..

We can do that!

If you're a corporate, institutional or private property owner or manager, we'll provide you quality, timely and professional work at a reasonable price.

Could you ask for anything more? Of course you can.

At OneStop Field Services, it's a "given" that we treat every property as if it's our own, always looking for ways to keep costs down and maintain the quality of our work.

OneStop also believes communication is key to a good working relationship. Since we hate surprises as much as you do, we return your calls quickly and we always keep you in the loop.

We accomplish all this by maintaining strong strategic relationships with contractors, handymen, vendors and suppliers, while using some of the best licensed and insured companies in the business.

And ... we never mark up the cost of materials. We always make sure our pricing is competitive.

Our Services cover everything: And more……..

Our Paint, Punch & Clean special. At $1.50 per square foot of living area (garages excluded).

PP&C includes: