OneStop wants to be Your Homestead Headquarters

Whether you're a Realtor - an individual land owner
or if you're just new to homesteading . . .

Here's what we will do for you


The Pasture

After analyzing and treating the soil, we build a nourishing pasture that's non-toxic. And a great start.


The Work

The second part is kind of self explanatory. We design, plan and construct any "Farm-Type" support structures you need.

These are needed for everyday business and family life.


The Work

Your Security System is soon to be known as My Home Fortress.

A management service that will provide you with protective products for people and animals on your spread.


You may even consider including bat houses and plants for protection against the dreaded ZIKA Mosquitoe.

And when it's all done, we don't go away. We're always here to help you with maintenance, keeping a sharp eye on things so they work the way they're supposed to.

If a Homestead is where you're headed ... We're OneStop Field Services. Give us a call now.